Medical Quizz

Pathophysiology and clinical medicine

1. Manning criteria are used:

2. The term "thromboembolic disease" comprises:

3. Commonly, sideroachrestic anemia is not

4. If 20% of cardiac output 5 l/min flows through kidneys, and 20 % of the plasma volume flowing through kidneys is filtered to glomerules, then calculate glomerular filtration rate (take hematokrit value 40 %). Calculated GFR value is:

5. Classical Virchow-Rokitanski triad does not include

6. Typical causes of microcytic anemia do not include

7. Microcytic anemia is usually not

8. Dysphagia is:

9. Elevation of creatin kinase (CK) typically does not accompany

10. Trombophilia means:

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