Medical Quizz

Pathophysiology and clinical medicine

1. Typical causes of pre-esophageal dysphagia do not include:

2. Dysphagia is:

3. Positivity of Blumberg sign means:

4. Pre-esophageal dysphagia is accompanied by:

5. With sodium plasma concentration 140 mmol/l calculate how much sodium is filtered into primary urine in 24 hr; take sodium atomic mass rounded to 23 g/mol

6. With glomerular filtration rate (GFR) 80 ml/min, 100% filtration and 50% tubular reabsorption of substance X calculate its cearance:

7. Rovsing's sign is positive when

8. Eponymic name for trisomy 8 is:

9. Eponymic name for trisomy 13 is:

10. Biochemical marker of choice to detect myocardial necrosis is:

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