Illustrations in medical books

While photos, X-ray, CT, MR, PET, US or microscopic images are supplied by authors (or their faculty/institution colleagues), vast majority of drawings are created by graphic designers in Maxdorf Graphic Studio. Here we present a tiny sample of our graphic production of several hundreds illustrations each year. Each book title deserves an individual approach, so illustrations are in general "tailor made" to precisely illustrate the text. In contrary, in molecular and cell biology illustrations the individuality usually is not the aim; for years we are developing a kind of "graphical building set" using increasing knowledge of biochemistry and structural biology. Since its fondation in early nineties Maxdorf Graphic Studio uses Adobe programs, most illustrations are vector images - largely editable. Of course, the graphic designers are ready to make classical pen-and-ink drawings by hand, whenever this is the option of choice. 

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