• Maxdorf is a Czech publishing company specialized in professional and scientific medical literature. Having been launched three years after the "Velvet revolution" Maxdorf is at present one of the three leading publishers of books for physicians and healthcare professionals. In 1993 we have published just five book titles, twenty years later the numbers of titles published increased ten times. To launch a private enterprise in the early nineties in the Czech Republic required more know-how and enthusiasm than financial background. Maxdorf Publishing arose from the joint effort of former academics, young computer graphics enthusiasts and experienced copy-editors. 
  • There are only about 40 000 physicians in the Czech Republic divided into more than 50 specialties and subspecialties. Most of them are interested only in single specialty books, and most titles in fact are written with much narrower scope. Therefore, the average book print run is approx. 1000 copies (with the exception of medical dictionaries, textbooks of internal medicine etc.). This was one of the reasons why our graphic studio started to provide commercial graphics for the Czech branches of international pharmaceutical and healthcare technology companies. This collaborations has not only increased the company's financial stability but also gave us a great experience that we exploit in book illustration.
  • The Czech medicine has not only a great tradition reaching back for more than two centuries (Prohaska, Purkinje, Skoda, Rokitanski, Laufberger, Hermansky, Charvát and many others) but also many contemporary top level internationally renowned experts, that contribute to development of their medical specialties further to the 21st century. As part of our mission we are trying to bring their knowledge and experience to Czech readers and recently to the international book market as well.

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