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Unit converters

Even three decades after European medicine adopted SI system of units, in most specialties of medicine both traditional and SI units are still being used simultaneously. Our recommendation to the authors is to use SI unit as the primary one with traditional unit in parentheses. In case of blood pressure, however, traditional unit mm Hg is still prefered by the readership (i.e. healthcare professionals) to SI kilopascals. You may find several unit converting calculators helpful to you.


Body-mass and Body-shape calculators

  • BMI – Body-mass index is widely used in assessing risks of overweight or obesity. In spite of its well-known limitations it proved to be quite a useful parametr. You can calculate BMI here.
  • ABSI – A Body Shape Index is one of novel paramteters with much better correlation with cardiometabolic risk as it takes into account the waist circumferrence in addition to body height and mass. Its formula is not so simple as with BMI, but this disadvantage can be easily overcome with the ABSI calculator


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