• Bringing the top knowledge and clinical experience to your readers is the core of our mission
  • We provide you with a professional team of copy-editors, proofreaders and graphic designers
  • It is just graphics and medical illustration what often decides whether the book will smile at its potential readers from the shoping window for a month or twe (before is finally put into the shelf) or will be bought, read and valued by the real reader. Most medical professionals and biomedical academics live in a constant lack of time and a book poorly illustrated - although containing up-to date information - will take much longer to read and first of all remember what is written inside. Book graphics is one of most important things differing the book from the freely available information at the internet

Book reviewers

  • If you are interested to write a book review, a free Reviewer's Copy can be sent to you. Please, let us know where and in what format the review will appear (name of the journal, on-line / printed form).

Pharmaceutical and Technology Companies

  • For two decades Maxdorf Publishing and Maxdorf Graphic Studio provide marketing services to pharma and healthcare-technology companies. Although the majority of items produced comprise ads, folders, detail-aids etc., the most popular are educational brochures and books, that - with well chosen authors - have a great impact on medical audience. All forms of online and digital products are also available.




... International booksellers – a kind of service we are looking for

  • As a company starting to publish medical books in English we are looking for international booksellers and distribution companies who can help us bring our English language books (although very few at present) to the bookstores throughout the Europe and to the US. We offer excellent business conditions [Contact: Jan Hugo, editor-in-chief]


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