What's New in Maxdorf 2022



September 15, 2022

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery is the first book title in the Czech medical literature to provide a comprehensive overview of the very close disciplines of cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and thoracic surgery. The book is divided into four sections and a total of 46 chapters, each dealing with an important area of the above-mentioned surgical disciplines. The book provides an overview of the basic anatomy needed to understand these specialties and then offers an overview of the surgical procedures that are commonly performed.


September 2, 2022

Rheumatology in Clinical Scenarios, 2nd revised and updated edition

The aim of this book is to present the rheumatologist's way of thinking about the patient who presents with a combination of symptoms and objective findings suggestive of the possible presence of inflammatory rheumatic disease. Using typical scenarios from clinical practice, we will attempt to guide the reader through the journey from syndrome to specific diagnosis and, where relevant, basic consideration of treatment strategy and goals. 


August 25, 2022

Age-related macular degeneration

This book is, without exaggeration, a top study material for anyone seriously involved in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease and should not be missing from any ophthalmologist's bookshelf.


August 25, 2022

Ethical Issues in Oncology, 3rd revised and expanded edition

Chapters are devoted to the relationship between philosophy and medical ethics, codes and ethical guidelines, patients' rights, the physician-patient relationship and communication, and ethical issues related to dying and death, including wishes to die, palliative sedation, and euthanasia.


August 23, 2022

Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, 4th revised and updated edition

This book by a collective of clinical pharmacists is an excellent practical guide for clinicians of a large range of specialties - it is sufficiently detailed yet very concise and has the chance to give clinicians confidence in prescribing.


August 23, 2022

Scapular fractures

The first monograph on scapular fractures in the international literature. The book explains in detail the general principles of diagnosis and therapy of scaphoid fractures accompanied by a detailed analysis of 519 scapular fractures in adults, including 150 operated cases, 39 fractures in children and adolescents. 


August 19, 2022

Headache in case reports

The book is divided into three sections, the first of which presents different types of migraine, the second is devoted to secondary headaches, and the third to facial pain. Each chapter has two parts - the first is a case report, the second is a textbook text introducing the physician to the classification, diagnosis and modern treatment options.


July 20, 2022

Surgical atlas of ridging fractures of the proximal humerus

This book by one of the country's leading orthopaedic surgeons is designed as an operative atlas providing perfectly illustrated instructions for everyday use. It is an extraordinary publication in our orthopaedic and trauma literature, based on extensive experience in the use of this technique. Martin Kloub, M.D., Ph.D., is the head of the Department of Trauma and Plastic Surgery at the Hospital České Budějovice.


July 11, 2022

Infections in orthopaedics

A collective of leading Czech specialists in the field of musculoskeletal infections, headed by prim. MUDr. David Musil, Ph.D., prof. MUDr. Jiří Gallo, Ph.D. and prim. MUDr. Aleš Chrdle, has prepared a well-informed and clear monograph, which aims to become a daily guide in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases of the musculoskeletal system in broad clinical practice.


June 16, 2022

Chodounsky Award for the best publication in the field of radiation oncology for 2021

Not only is this one of our best-selling books, but it has also won awards from professional societies. In the nomination for the Chodounsky Prize, Professor Šlampa's author team managed to win the 1st place. 


June 13, 2022


Launch of Radiation Oncology in front of the Photon Therapy Centre

Radiation Oncology was christened to the sound of dulcimer music and unusually had a whole collective of godparents :) The words were given by the photographer doc. Mgr. Irena Armutidisová and was followed by the wife of Professor Šlampa, Professor Doležel, Professor Kala and Dr. Hugo.


June 10, 2022


Baptism of Vitreoretinal Surgery at XXI. Live and Video Surgery 2022

Professor Karel took the role of the godfather at the beginning of the symposium at the Surgical Clinic of the Central Military Hospital and did not spare champagne :).


9 June 2022

"Triple" negative carcinomas of the mammary gland

So-called triple negative breast carcinomas (TNBC) represent a morphologically and genetically heterogeneous group of mammary carcinomas, differing from other subtypes by a high degree of genetic instability. 


June 2, 2022

Selected recommended practices in nephrology

A practically conceived review of selected key recommendations in nephrology practice. Individual chapters are based on current international recommendations. The book includes topics specifically in nephrology as well as topics common to cardiology (hypertension) or diabetes.  


25 May 2022

Preoperative Examination of Adults, 4th revised and expanded edition

Here comes the fourth, revised and expanded edition of a practical handbook (small in scope but substantial and dense in content) summarizing in one place all aspects of the preoperative examination in such a way that the text can be quickly consulted for the assessment of a particular patient.


25 May 2022

Anticoagulation therapy

This book by a collective of clinical pharmacists is an excellent practical guide for clinicians of a wide range of specialties - it is sufficiently detailed yet very concise and has the chance to give clinicians confidence in prescribing.


May 20, 2022

Non-invasive brain stimulation in psychiatry

This publication introduces basic NIBS methods that have already found clinical use in psychiatric treatment, namely repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial direct current stimulation and transcranial alternating current stimulation.


May 18, 2022


Chlumsky Award of the Czech Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology for the best book of the year 

At the opening ceremony of the XXV. National Congress of the Czech Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Karolinum, the Chlumsky Prize of the Czech Society for Orthopaedics and Traumatology for the best book of the year "Fractures of the Scapula" was awarded.


May 11, 2022

Pain Management, 4th revised and expanded edition

This monograph by our leading specialists in the field of algesiology aims to provide the reader with clear and up-to-date information on the issue of chronic pain in particular, including its impact on the patient (physical, psychological and social) and also (given the increasing number of patients suffering from chronic pain) its impact on the economy.


May 11, 2022

Recommended Practices for the Administration of Anesthesia to Children and Adults, 3rd revised and updated edition

Now in its 3rd revised and expanded edition, this monograph is proof that it has found a firm place in libraries and operating rooms. The authors, a team of leading specialists from KARIM, 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and Motol University Hospital, have responded to the demand of physicians for a book of this type. It contains concise and practical recommendations for the administration of anaesthesia to paediatric and adult patients across the full range of surgical disciplines, including the recommended procedures of CSARIM and the CCC, which are very useful in specific clinical situations, especially in more complicated patients.


April 28, 2022


Baptism of Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology at the 2nd Symposium of Case Reports in Dermatology 

The expert guarantor of the symposium in the Grébovka Pavilion was Assoc. MUDr. Spyridon Gkalpakiotis, Ph.D. and the godfather of the publication was MUDr. Martin Tichý, Ph.D. from Olomouc. The book was presented by its author doc. MUDr. Miloslav Salavec, CSc. accompanied by two co-authors prof. MUDr. Petra Cetkovská, Ph.D. and prof. MUDr. Jana Třešňák Hercogová, CSc., MHA, IFAAD.


20 April 2022

Cardiology over the centuries

Cardiology is one of the core disciplines of modern medicine, but its history goes deep into the past. The book is divided into two sections - the first is a guide to the history of selected basic areas of cardiology, while the second, biographical section, contains medallions of nearly 400 cardiology personalities. In all chapters, a large number of physicians, scholars and with references to their longevity are listed with astonishing details of their activities. The book is aimed at cardiologists as well as anyone interested in the history of medicine.


April 6, 2022

Anal squamous cell carcinoma

The book Anal Squamous Cell Carcinoma discusses the cancer in terms of etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, prognostic factors and therapy according to the individual extent of the disease. The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive view and to facilitate the decision-making of colleagues at different stages of the diagnostic and therapeutic process. 




Assisted reproduction, 3rd edition   [11 March 2018]

  • Third edition of this publication was updated with information about changes in discipline (like depot gonadotropins, elective single embryo transfer, antimullerian hormone and comparison with anthral follicle count etc) but with important changes in laws concerning reimbursement of IVF cycles.




Linhart award for a best monography - Atlas of vascular diagnostics and interventions   [9 March 2018]

  • We are proud to announce that the professional comitee evaluated the publication of dr. Procházka as the best monography in angiology in 2017. Congratulations!



Clinical cardiology, 3rd edition   [20 February 2018]

  • A new edition af Clinical cardiology has been released. The book tested thoroughly our printer and bindery. The publication has been written by our foremost czech carediologists and provides an overview of most important and up-to-date practical information from cardiology and angiology. 




Principles of modern pneumooncology, 2nd extended edition   [22 January 2018]

  • Second edition of much-favoured book written by prof. Skřičková and prof. Kolek is now being available. The publication is aimed at educating all professionals who deal with diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up of patients with cancer of lung, pleura, and mediastinum. 



Atlas of ultrasonography of thyroid gland, 2nd edition   [14 January 2018]

  • Second extended and updated edition of atlas containing almost a thousand of carefully selected and commented pictures of thyroid ultrasonography has been released. The book covers not only all known areas of thyroid pathology, but diversified variants of normal appearance as well. 


Allergic rhinitis, 2nd edition   [15 January 2018]

  • The book covers all known information about ethiopathogenesis, diagnostics, and treatment of allergic rhinitis. It is aimed at informing professionals who deal with allergic rhinitis on daily level (especially alergologists and otorinolaryngologists) and to bring knowledge that sometimes prevents correct evaluation and treatment of allergic rhinitis by general practitioners and pneumologists.  





Vascular medicine   [21 December 2017]

  • After a long waiting a new publication about vascular medicine is being published. The new book covers a whole range of issues of vascular problematics. Because information changes rapidly in each section of vascular supply, authors strived to provide a multibranched overview from best specialists in the country. 


Words being put on a pillory   [20 December 2017]

  • A personal defence of czech language by Jaroslav Hořejší. 


Special oncology   [12 December 2017]

  • This modern textbook of specialized oncology is intended for everyday oncological practise as well as a material for exam preparation. Pharmacotherapy (including not only clasical chemotherapy, but also a targeted, biological therapy, and imunotherapy) as well as radiotherapy or isotope treatment chapters were particularly carefully prepared. 

Clinical psychopharmacotherapy   [8 December 2017]

  • Long postponed publication Clinical psychopharmacotherapy is detailed and practical book of our foremost expert on psychopharmacology, prof. Pavel Mohr. The book brings information about pharmacotherapy in psychiatry in 2017 with the outlook into a near future. Monography brings information about calcium phosphate metabolism and calciotropic hormones, too. 


Systhemic corticotherapy   [27 November 2017]

  • Glucocorticoids belong among most frequently prescribed current medicine. In prevailing practice we frequently encounter corticotherapy that is understood schematically with many mistakes. Our foremost endocrinologist, prof. Michal Kršek, explained in a publication that is being released today, the principles of theraupetic corticosteroid application in all basic applications, that should aid psysicians in preventing corticosteroid mismanagement. 

 Diseases caused by calcium & phosphate metabolism   [24 November 2017] 

  • Monography written by prof. Broulík summarises all contemporary knowledge about calcium & phosphate metabolism and calciotropic hormones. 

Atlas of panoramatic hysteroscopy   [25 October 2017]

  • Atlas of panoramatic hysteroscopy is an extraordinary publication oriented for gynecological practise. This large collection of carefully selected and commented hysteroscopic pictures will hopefully help gynecologists in diagnosing its pacients. 

 Pharmacotherapy of rheumatic diseases   [20 October 2017]

  • After a much succesful book Rheumatology is a publication by prof. Pavelka et al. being released now. The book aims at providing up-to-date, clinically oriented material that will aid psysicians taking care of patients with rheumatic diseases. 


Pneumology, 3rd edition   [4 October 2017]

  • The third, actualised, and extended issue of a successfull textbook Pneumology will be presented on XXVI. Moravian-Silesian days of pneumology in Olomouc. The occasion will be let by professor Svačina.

Inhalation systems in treatment of chronic bronchial obstruction   [4 October 2017]

  • A new book from Viktor Kašák, M.D. and Eva Kašák, is the first publication of its type on the czech market. In a concise and comprehensible manner, it informs about the whole spectre of available inhallation systems.


Atlas of vascular diagnostics and interventions   [14 July 2017]

  • After the successfull book Vascular diagnostics is the second edition written by Václav Procházka, M.D., being released today. The book is an practical atlas. Described techniques involve aortography, arteriography of peripheral aortae and phlebography, non-invasive methods of vascular system diagnostics – doppler ultrasonography, CT angiography, and MR angiography. 


Modern pharmacotherapy in neurology, 2nd extended edition   [30 June 2017]

  • The first issue of Modern pharmacotherapy in neurology was sold out completely during one year. It is evident that it changed the theraupetic practise in czech and slovak neurology. The rapid development of new substances and changing situation on pharma market called for a revised new edition, that you can order in our e-shop.



Bronchology and pneumological cytodiagnostics   [14 June 2017]

  • The book is conceived as a large illustrated basic pneumological textbook as well as help in day-to-day bronchology practise. It summarises contemporary bronchology and pneumological cytodiagnostics with an emphasis put upon practical execution of all methods in czech workplaces.
  • The book is supplemented with over 50 instructive bronchological videos.


HRCT in intersticial lung processes in instructive case studies   [14 July 2017]

  • HRCT is perceived today as a key examination technique enabling not only general, but a more detailed diagnostics of intersticial lung processes as well. The publication contains practically oriented model case studies serving as an aid for radiologists and pneumologists alike.


Thorax traumatology in instructive case studies   [14 June 2017]

  • Frequent need of a quick surgery because of vital functions imperilment is one of the specific features of thorax traumatology. The basic knowleadge of the topic is necessary not only for surgeons in specialised workplaces, but for general and pediatric surgeons as well. The book has been written by asoc. prof. Hytych, M.D. and tašková, M.D.


Cardiorenal syndromes   [14 June 2017]

  • Intricate interactions between cardiovascular and renal systems are the main topic of a new publication of prof. Adámková and Vítek, M.D. The area of cardiorenal syndromes is vast and covers diuretic therapy, ultrafiltration, peritoneal dialysis, renin-angiotensin-aldosteron systém, ionotropic support, application of nesiritide, renal hemodynamics, anemia treatment, and the large area of renal diseases.


Prenatal diagnostics of congenital developmental defects   [25 May 2017]

  • Our lates addition to the obstetrics is a book of procedures and methods used in diagnostics of congenital developmental defects in unborn babies.


Gynecolocy   [25 May 2017]

  • The textbook brings the most up-to-date information from the discipline. Prof. Radovan Pilka and his colleagues wrote the book with a clarity, which makes it easily understandable and made for use in clinical practise.


Ultrasound in the first trimester   [25 May 2017]

  • After the years of preparations, we have issued a large-format publication written by our foremost expert on gynecologic ultrasonography. The precission of ultrasound visualization increased lately to the point of almost histological imaging, which is pivotal for the diagnosis of early embryonal stages.



Infections in gynecology, 3rd extended edition   [25 May 2017]

  • The treatment of infections is becoming more of a serious problem lately, not only in gynecology, but in other disciplines as well. An increased interest in this area is documented by two publications from our foremost specialist being sold out completely. We believe that our third edition will be no exception.



Chronic lung hypertension   [5 May 2017]

  • Main authors of the new publication – assoc. prof. Pavel Jansa, Ph.D. and prof. Michael Aschermann – cooperated with a variety of our foremost cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other specialists in relevant medical disciplines. The book will be presented and released on XXV. anniversary meeting of Czech cardiological society in Brno.


Modern pharmacotherapy in gynecology and obstetrics, 2nd extended edition   [5 April 2017]

  • Second edition is a practical pharmocological guide. The reader gets informed advice from choice of the first theraupetical to the treatment of complicated clinical states.


Diabetes mellitus – a whole body disease   [3 April 2017]

  • A new book by our foremost specialist in diabetology, prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, was written with a goal to understand an organism as a whole and to activelly interpret the disease jin a context of individual organs and organ systems.



Melanoma – immunotherapy and targeted therapy   [10 February 2017]

  • A new publication by Krajčová, M.D. and assoc. prof. Bauer introduces the problematics of targeted therapy and melanoma immunotherapy together with a easily understandable interpretation of molecular biology and imunology. Besides theraupetic procedures in current usage the book describes outlooks of immunotherapy and melanoma targeted therapy as well.

Hemostasis Disorders   [23 January 2017]

  • A first publication of 2017 is a book written by our acclaimed haematologist Salaj, M.D. The book is focused on specialized problems in haematology, hemostasis disorders, and other topics medical profesionals from different fields might face in their work.


Fractures of proximal femur   [21 December 2016]

  • A new publication is a result of a cooperation between 1st Surgical Department and of Clinical Department of Cardiology and Angiology, Charles University in Prague, 1st Faculty of Medicine. The book focuses on seminal factors for a successfull treatment of proximal femur's fractures, which is a surgery and prevention of thrombus‘ emergence and embolia.

Nebojte se přežít   [20 December 2016]

  • Kniha obsahuje mnoho neuvěřitelných příběhů lidí, kteří měli sílu přežít nemožné, a lidí, kteří jim pomohli vstát z hrobu. Společného mají to, že v nějakém období se všechny odehrávaly na Oddělení následné intenzivní péče v nemocnici v Ostrově. Říkáte, že vám se to stát nemůže? Přečtěte tuto knihu a uvidíte…

Hip arthroscopic surgery   [19 December 2016]

Hip Arthroscopy is becoming an increasingly popular practise in orthopedics and traumatology. The main factors for the popularity of this minimal invasive surgery are quick healing time and fast patient's recovery.


Pharmacotherapy of dyslipemia, 2nd extended issue   [12 August 2016]

  • First issue of Pharmacotherapy of dyslipemia was not only quite favoured by specialists, it helped to implement new drugs into theraupetic practise. The author, who is a prominent expert in atherosclerosis and disorders of lipid metabolism, Assoc. Prof. Michal Vrablík, M.D., Ph.D., now presents an updated second edition.

Respiratory tract infection and their treatment   [12 July 2016]

  • A new book written by prof. Kolář gives reader an overview of a range of respiratory tract infections and of diagnostic and treatment possilities, which are frequently neglected in a day-to-day practise.

When erased, where does the word comes to?   [30 June 2016]

  • A fifth book of short stories written by Michal Vaněček is finally here for your entertainment. As in author’s previous books, the publication is illustrated with humorous cartoons made by Pavel Kantorek. This witty and captivating book is a good choice for upcoming holidays.

Stories of Little Tibet   [25 June 2016]

  • A year after publication of a book Stories of Little Tibet passed and the english version is already available.
  • Thanks to volunteers from NGO Brontosauruses in Himalaya, who departured to Little Tibet on 30 July to help with the construction of a school in the village Mulbek in Ladakh, the book will get to the Amazon store, as well as to locals. The publication is available in hardcover as well as in paperback.

Award of Czech Neurological Society for outstanding monography   [20 June 2016]

  • We are pleased to announce that the publication of prof. Štětkářová obtained an award of The Czech Neurological Society.

The award of ČGPS ČLS JEP   [11 June 2016]

  • During the social event of 3rd Joint Conference of Czech Gynecological and Obstetrical Society and Slovak Gynecological and Obstetrical Society in Pupp hotel in Carlsbad, the award for the best monography in gynecology and obstetrics published in 2014-2015 was given to prof. Martan.
  • We want to congratulate prof. Martan, too.

Vaginal delivery in the breech position  [9 June 2016]

  • This practical handbook for obstetricians provides the information about diagnostics, procedures for turning the baby and the correct timing of the birth. The book is full of information, tips and advice for number of scenarios with complications, which can happen during birth in breech position.


Shoulder dystocia   [8 June 2016]

  • The book written by author's collective under the lead of Petr Křepelka, M.D., from The Institute for the Care of Mother and Child focuses on everyday obstetrician practise, risk factors, prevention, and practical clinical routines for dealing with shoulder dystocia.

Glaucoma, 2nd updated and extended publication   [7 June]

  • The second publication of avery successful book authored by Assoc. Prof. Eva Růžičková, PhD. offers an information about contemporary diagnostics and therapy of glaucoma.

Thoracic Drainage/ A Step-by-Step Guide   [1 June 2016]

  • The last novelty from pneumonology is the english translation of a very successfull publication authored by prof. Vašáková. Apart from the conventional printed version, the book is in preparation for all conventional selling platforms, including Amazon.

Handbook guide to ambulatory care of respiratory infections   [1 July 2016]

  • A new book authored by a team under the lead of one of the most respected specialists in respiratory medicine worldwide is a great practical guide aimed primarily at ambulatory specialists and general practitioners.


Interstitial lung processes, 2nd edition   [31 May 2016]

  • After the first issue was completely sold out, the authors prepared an extended and updated second edition. The book is a result of a cooporation of three specialists with many years of an experience in the problematics of interstitial lung processes.

Practical lung surgery   [31 May 2016]

  • In continuity with successful publications „The minimum in a lung surgery – step-by-step guide“ (V. Hytych et al. 2013) and „Lung surgery in instructive case reports“ (V. Hytych, A. Tašková, M. Vašáková et al. 2014), the team of lung surgeons from Thomayer hospital under the lead of Alice Tašková, M.D. and Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Hytych, Ph.D., prepared a new monography Practical lung surgery.
  • The book recapitulates the basics of thoracic anatomy, principles of preoperative evaluation, anesthezia in lung surgery, perioperative and after surgery care. The main parts include detailed description of surgeries with a short characteristics and indications. Other information include examinatory procedures, pacient positioning and approach, anesthezia, and complications.

 Pharmacotherapy of hypertension   [12 May 2016]

  • A new book of nestor of czech cardiology, prof. Jiří Widimský and prof. Jiří Widimský Jr., introduces modern procedures in treatment of hypertension in a concise, easily understandable, and well-documented manner.
  • Pharmacotherapy of hypertension will be launched on XXIV. Annual Congress of Czech Cardiological Society.

Thoracic ultrasound in clinical practice   [18 April 2016]

  • A novelty of our publishing house is a book Thoracic ultrasound in clinical practice. We intended to provide information about practical usage of chest ultrasound in day-to-day care of patients with thoracic organs diseases.
  • The publication will be launched on Hradec Pneumological Days congress, Saturday, 23 april 2016 at 8 p.m.

Technologies in diabetology   [14 April 1016]

  • We are pleased to introduce a new publication, Technologies in diabetology, during Diabetology days in Luhacovice. The author’s collective has been under the lead of Assoc. Prof. Kateřina Štechová, M.D., Ph.D. from Motol University Hospital.
  • The book is an informed and practically-oriented guide for all diabetologists and internists. Apart from the more common instruments such as glucometers and inzuline pumps, the book introduces continuous glucose monitoring, closed-loop inzulin delivery, as well as perspectives of subtitution of pancreas endocrine functionality by technical vs biological (stem cells) approach.

Diabetes mellitus in a nutshell   [13 April 2016]

  • Diabetes mellitus in a nutshell is a favourite book amongst the readers, a first in the book series Contemporary diabetology. We have brought up a second issue of this successful book.
  • The book structure remained the same. It consists of sections covering types of diabetes, risk factors, epidemiology, statistics, diagnostics, strategies of treatment, medicines choice, combination of medicines, diabetes complications, education, etc. All information in the book have been revised and are now up-to-date.

Hills of Tuscany   [26 February 2016]

  • After a very succesful publication of a novel Hills of Tuscany, a new sequel is coming to a book market. We are meeting painter Candace and writer Ference for a second time, when they have decided to settle down in Tuscany. They could speak basic italian only and had only four weeks to find the house. In spite of circumstances, they have managed to reconstruct a dilapitated monastery and to start world-famous vineculture Máté.

Vineyard of Tuscany   [26 February 2016]

  • Thanks to a large success, we have decided to reprint Hills of Tuscany. Since Friday, the book is now available for a purchase in a hardback edition.

Neuroendocrine tumors   [27 January 2016]

  • The unique and very practical monography of a large author collective under the lead of a Head Physician, Eva Sedláčková, M.D., MBA (VFN Praha) and Head Physician Viera Bajčiová, M.D., Ph.D. (FN Brno) is informing oncologists and other physicians about up-to-date diagnostics and therapy of neuroendocrine tumors.

Practical medical dictionary, 11th issue   [25 January 2016]

  • The Practical medical dictionary became an essential and indispensable source of information about health and diseases in Czech Republic in last 20 years. The novelty of this issue is the possibility to pick ones favourite publication either in hardcover or paperback. 

Uveitides in case studies   [19 January 2015]

  • The publication of a team of authors from Department of Ophthalmology, First School of Medicine, Charles University, under the lead of Assoc. Prof. Petra Svozílková, M.D., Ph.D., offers to readers exact and easily understandable instructions for diagnosis and treatment of uveitides.

Atlas of thyroid ultrasonography   [15 December 2015]

  • Long-awaited publication for endocrinologists and radiologists is now available. The compilation of ultrasonographic pictures of thyroid is suited for day-to-day use and studying for attestations alike.

Modern pharmacotherapy in neurology   [29 November 2015]

  • Our prominent neurologist, Assoc. Prof. Ivana Štětkářová, M.D., Ph.D., cooperated with more than 20 top neurologists and other specialists from branches of medicine close to neurology. The book is weighting towards practical approach. Each nosological unit contains specific instructions addressing the beginning of the treatment, continuation according to the patient’s response and modification of the treatment under specific circumstances. As a result, the book is particularly beneficial, with a potential to change custom practise in czech neurology.

Great medical dictionary, 10th edition   [27 November 2015]

  • We are happy the next issue of The Large Medical Dictionary, which is very popular among students and physicians, is already available for purchase. Vocabulary items cover all branches of medicine from anatomy and physiology to frequent and serious diseases of individual organs (which makes up the main core of the dictionary) and psycho-sexual deviations. Several thousands of drugs and simmilar amount of abbreviations which frequently worsen the understanding of medical documentation is also specified.

Pre-eclampsia   [24 November 2015]

  • A new publication on gynaecology is being published today. The practically-oriented book from group of foremost czech obstetricians from several university-affiliated workplaces is covering most up-to-date information and recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of a condition which is a „nightmare” of physicians and patients alike.

Pharmacotherapy of tromboembolic conditions  [20 November 2015]

  • The third isssue of a very successful publication coming from two prominent experts on angiology and cardiology is covering information on medication of tromboembolic conditions including detailed introduction into new drugs available on market.
  • The publication will be launched on Monday 23 November 2015 at congress of Czech Society of Internal Medicine of Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně in Congress Centre.


Controversies in diabetology   [4 November 2015]

  • A new book has been added to the edition Contemporary Diabetology today. In this 18th publication, Prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, M.D., DrSc. tackles controversial topics in diabetology, a field of medicine which is rapidly changing nowadays.

  • The whole edition of Contemporary Diabetology and other diabetological publications are available for perusal on Friday, 6 November, at the Congress of Ambulant diabetology.


Great medical dictionary, 10th edition   [15 October 2015]

  • We are looking forward to the new publishing of the Great medical dictionary (Velký lékařský slovník) in November. The cover was already presented at the billboard in Kateřinská street.


Awards of the Presidium of CMA JEP for best scientific publication in 2014   [14 October 2014]

  • In 13 October 2015, Presidium of Czech Medical Association of J.E. Purkyně awarded Best scientific publications for 2014 in a ceremony which has taken place at the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech republic. Books from our publishing house have obtained the first and the second place.
  • 1. place – Modern pharmacotherapy in gynecology and obstetrics (Moderní farmakoterapie v gynekologii a porodnictví) of a team of authors under the lead of Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Fait, M.D., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Michal Zikán, M.D., Ph.D., and Assoc. Prof. Jaromír Mašata, M.D., Ph.D.
  • 2. place – Emergencies in psychiatry (Naléhavé stavy v psychiatrii) – Prof. Hana Papežová, M.D., Ph.D and col. [Photo Maxdorf]

More information at http://www.cls.cz/aktualne/ceny-predsednictva-cls-jep-za-nejlepsi-vedecke-prace-za-rok-2014-slavnostni-udileni-v-senatu-pcr-1060 (in czech)


Award of Czech Endocrinological Society   [30 September 2015]

  • The publication of Prof. Václav Hána, M.D., Ph.D - Endocrinology for practise (Endokrinologie pro praxi) was awarded as the best book of 2014 by Endocrinological Society.


Transplant donors and sepsis   [23 September 2015]

  • We are happy to introduce two new publications at the tommorow’s Congress of Czech Society of Anesteziology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care at Pilsen, where we are going to have a propagation stand. We are looking forward to see you there.

Diabetes Mellitus and the Respiratory System   [7 September 2015]

  • The successful edition Contemporary diabetology is being expanded with a new, 17th in a row issue. This time, Prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, M.D., DrSc. focused on lung diseases and their risks for diabetic patients.


Psoriasis   [20 August 2015]

  • The long awaited publication of Prof. Vladimír Vašků, M.D., Ph.D, is being published this week. The small publication format is delivering practical instructions to physicians – dermatologists and general practitioners alike. It is a practical guide for diagnostics, classification and current treatment of this serious and unfortunately relatively frequent illness. Prof. Vašků, one of our most experienced and acclaimed dermatologists is the head of the Dermatological Clinic of Faculty of Medicine at the MU and FN Brno. The book is the 69th issue of the series Pharmacotherapy in Practise.


Towards a big adventure with Dodo   [23 July 2015]

  • Long car advanture travels are an inherent part of vacations. Thats why, in an effort to shorten the trip, foundation T-Soft Eternity prepared another continuation of a story about Dodo. Once again, the story narrated by Jiří Lábus will guide John, Mary and their friend Dodo through a series of fairy tales, and they will even set to Mauritius together.


Turner syndrome, 4th edition   [24 June 2015]

  • The fourth edition of the successful publication Turner syndrome (Turnerův syndrom) is being published today. The book is primarily aimed both at family members of inflicted girls and physicians not coming into a frequent contact with the syndrome.


Immune trombocytopenia   [2 June 2015]

  • The author of Immune trombocytopenia (Imunitní trombocytopenie), Prof. Tomáš Kozák, M.D., Ph.D, MBA, focused primarily on the introduction of various types of trombocytopenia, advances in medical treatment and on possibilities of pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy. The book is available from tommorrow in our e-shop.


ARDS   [27 May 2015]

  • Congress of Czech Society of Intensive Care Medicine took place in Hradec Králove from 27 to 29 May and we had the honour to launch our new publication ARDS there. The main author is Jan Máca, M.D, while the expert supervision was quaranteed by Prof. Pavel Ševčík, M.D., Prof. Karel Cvachovec, M.D., Ph.D, MBA, and Ivan Herold, M.D., Ph.D. The book is aimed for physicians and medical personnel taking care of critically ill patients. [Photo Maxdorf]


Headaches in the clinical practise   [17 May 2015]

  • The book of our prominent neurologist, Rudolf Kotas, M.D, is being published in this week. It covers the progress of medicine in recognition and treatment of different types of headache.


Human needs in advanced age   [15 May 2015]

  • The book of a renown geriatrist Hugo Přibyl, M.D. has been published in several last days. „To live into an old age ceased to be a privilege of a handful of fortunate, octogenarians, even nonagenarians aren’t a rarity anymore. The age structure of a czech population is rapidly changing, the fast and pronounced aging is to be expected...“


Screening of colorectal carconoma, 2nd extended issue   [24 - 25 April 2015]

  • The successul and necessary book, Screening of colorectal carcinoma (Screening kolorektálního karcinomu), has been published for a second time. The main author is Assoc. Prof. Bohumil Seifert, M.D., Ph.D., president of the Institut of General Practice at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and the Scientific Secretary of the Society of General Practice. Co-authors are Norbert Král, M.D, Ondřej Májek, Ph.D., and Štěpán Suchánek, M.D., Ph.D. The publication was reviewed by Assoc. Prof. Svatopluk Býma, M.D., Ph.D, the head of the Society of General Practice and of the Department of Social Medicine, Charles University in Hradec Kralove and by Assoc. Prof. Ladislav Dušek, newly appointed director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics.


Prof. Martan's book is available on Amazon   [14 May 2015]

  • The english issue of the book authored by Prof. Alois Martan, M.D., Ph.D., New Surgical Techniques and Medical Treatment in Urogynecology (Nové operační postupy v urogynekologii) is officially registered on the global portal Amazon.com. The book is available in the paperback as well as an e-book, downloable in a version for tablets (Apple and Android). At this time, the registration is valid for Amazon.com, but the european version is underway.


Diabetes mellitus and the gastrointestinal tract   [7 April 2015]

  • The successful book series Contemporary Diabetology has been expanded with a 16th publication Diabetes mellitus and the gastrointestinal tract (Diabetes mellitus a gastrointestinální trakt). In this book, Prof. Jindřiška Perušičová, M.D., Ph.D., encompasses not only important facts, but also an up-to-date information gathered from the beginning of the year 2015. In several days, the book will be available in local bookstores and at the propagation stand of Maxdorf Publishing at 51th Diabetological days in Luhačovice.



Alphabet of Diabetes has been published for a 4th time   [18 March 2015]

  • We have presented this new, updated and largely extended issue in the eve of the conference Paediatric Diabetology 2015, which will take place at the hotel Clarion, Prague from 20 to 21 March 2015. This time, main authors are Prof. Jan Lebl, M.D., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Štěpánka Průchová, M.D. and Assoc. Prof. Zdeněk Šumník, Ph.D.




Book Award: Outpatient Surgery of Varicose Veins won the Linhart Prize   [19 Feb 2015]

  • The 40th Anniversary Congress of the Czech Angiological Society started today in Prague. Outpatient Surgery of Varicose Veins (Ambulantní operace křečových žil), one of successful handbooks published in Maxdorf in 2014, has been awarded prestigeous Linhart Book Prize for the 2. place of the competition for best monograph. The author, Karel Novotný, M.D., a renown cardiovascular surgeon (Teaching Hospital Motol, 2nd Medical Faculty, Prague) is well known for having introduced several novel surgical techniques in the Czech Republic. [Photo Maxdorf]  



Book Launch: Textbook on Sexually Transmitted Diseases   [14 Feb 2015]

  • Book launch of a new textbook Principles of Modern Venereology (Základy moderní venerologie) was held on Saturday 14 Feb 2015 at the National Conference of the Infectionist Section of the Czech Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (CSOG) at the Conference Centre Prague. The authors – Assoc. Prof. Jozef Záhumenský, M.D., Ph.D., David Jilich, M.D., Ph.D. and Daniela Vaňousová, M.D., Ph.D. asked the President of CSGO, Assoc. Prof. Jaroslav Feyereisl, Ph.D., to "baptize" the book.
  • Small-formate paperback of 180 pages covers all fields of modern venereology – genital warts, genital herpes, HPV infection, chlamydial and mycoplasmatic infections, scabies, pediculosis pubis, HIV, HBV, HCV, inguinal granumoma and many others – in addition to the classical veneric diseases, gonorrhoea and syphilis. Closing chapters are dedicated to sexual violence against women and STD in lesbians.  [Photo Maxdorf]  



Medical Dictionary for Nurses   [26 Jan 2015]

  • There are several dictionaries on the Czech book market published by Maxdorf. The "family" of our medical dictionaries now has increased again with Medical Dictionary for Nurses (Výkladový slovník pro zdravotní sestry) authored by Eva Kašáková, Martin Vokurka and Jan Hugo. The dictionary was published under the patronage of Czech National Nurses Association.
  • The photo our billboard at Kateřinská street, Prague 2 within the medical faculty campus area



Prague Onco Book Launch: Long Life to Ostomy Patients   [21 Jan 2015]

  • On 21st - 23th of January 2015 the 6th Prague Interdisciplinary Oncology Colloquium PragueONCO 2015 took place at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague. Based on the invitation of assoc. prof. Petra Tesařová, M.D., Ph.D., leading Czech oncologist, a launch of a new book on ostomy was held at patients’ section. The book titled Long Life to Ostomy Patients (Ať žijí stomici) was presented jointely by legendary Czech mime artist Boris Hybner (whose photo is on the front cover of the book) and a well-known Prague surgeon professor Pavel Pafko, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Professor Pafko, in his very impressive speech, remembered his first ileostomy surgery some 50 years ago, and emphasized the great improvement in the quality of life of ostomy patients since then. 
  • The Foundation T-Soft Eternity (Head: Ing. Michal Vaněček) is the partner of the book and sponsored it financially enabling it thus to be published. 


Practical Endocrinology   [14 Jan 2015]

  • Leading Czech endocrinologist Václav Hána is the author of a handbook titled Practical Endocrinology (Endokrinologie pro praxi). Concise and extremely well structured book offers the readers – first of all endocrinologists, diabetologists and internists – precisely the amount of knowledge needed for successful clinical practice. While pathophysiology is kept to a minimum needed to understand the context, diagnostics and treatment are written in detail, almost in a "cookbook" style. For more than 30 years professor Václav Hána, M.D., Ph.D., has been a member of the staff of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, one of the leading endocrinology centres in the Central Europe.


Psychiatric Emergencies   [10 Jan 2015]

  • Maxdorf Publishing presents the long-awaited handbook Psychiatric Emergencies (Naléhavé stavy v psychiatrii) authored by a leading Czech psychiatrist Prof. Hana Papežová, M.D., Ph.D. who invited a large number of co-authors, experts in single subjects of psychiatry. The book written first of all for psychiatrist will be useful for physicians of other specialties and for general practitioners, too. 



Poetry and Paintings Book by Famous Czech Neurologist   [8 Jan 2015]

  • Each year Maxdorf publishes three or four non-medical books among 40 to 50 books on broad spectrum of medical and biomedical subjects. On January 8 2015 - with X-mass atmosphere still being felt almost tangibly – a very nice book of poetry and paintings by Ivana Štětkářová was launched.
  • The book launch took place in the baroque inn U Kaštanu historically related to the nearby Břevnov Monastery. The book was launched by well known Czech actor Marian Roden, who read several poems from the book. The event was attended by people from both Prague medical and artistic communities.
  • Assoc. prof. Ivana Štětkářová, Ph.D., head of the Neurology department of the 3rd Medical Faculty Charles Univ. Prague, is an internationally renowned expert on EMG and spasticity, recently she authored a successful textbook Spasticity and its Treatment (Spasticita a její léčba) (Maxdorf 2013) [Photo Aleš Dvořák] 

We are happy the next issue of The Large Medical Dictionary, which is very popular among students and physicians, is already available for purchase. Vocabulary items cover all branches of medicine from anatomy and physiology to frequent and serious diseases of individual organs (which makes up the main core of the dictionary) to psycho-sexual deviations. Several thousands of drugs and simmilar amount of abbreviations which frequently worsen the understanding of medical documentation is also specified.


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