Common mistakes in manuscripts

Formal and technical mistakes in manuscript usualy do not prevent it to be published as a book. However, publishing it usually takes longer as it is somewhat more difficult for the copy-editors and graphic designers to process it. Some typical mistakes (mostly easy to avod) are listed here.

Avoid "typewriter" mistakes

  • Please, do not type Enter at the end of each line ("typewriter style"), only at the end of the paragraph. 
  • Avoid typing "small L" instead of numeral 1 (one) and "caps O" instead of 0 (zero)
  • Please, use other highlighting style than underlined
  • Unless you are writing acronyms, do not use "hard" caps (i.e. with capslock on). If you want to create a caps-style title, write it as usual, then choose it (with shift + arrow or with the mouse) and type ctrl+shift+A in MS Word. The typography in the book will be probably different and everything written in hard capitals we must semi-manually correct - although the MS Word has an utility for changing caps to small letters, you have to do this with every single title

The Title

  • Book title too long is a typical mistake in manuscripts of authors having published dozens of journal papers. The title ought to be short and impressive - let all other information for the subtitle
  • Title sounding too general or identical with some well known title: unless you are writing "Harrison", better avoid naming the book "Principles of internal medicine" 
  • Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms in the title (with notorious exceptions like AIDS, ECG, ICU etc.) 

The Foreword and the Introduction

  • Avoid confusing the foreword and introduction, the former explaining the subject of the book, the latter the book proper and its structure
  • Having both foreword and preface, avoid putting the latter before the former


  • Do not use the heading as the beginning (the first words) of the first sentence of the paragraph
  • Avoid using abbreviations and acronyms in the headings - the recommendation is not so strict as with the book title (see above)

... to be cont'd 

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