Copy Editors

  • Maxdorf Publishing is looking for experienced copy editors specialized in medical English (US style). Her/his task will be to edit English translations of foreign-language texts intended for physicians or biomedical researchers so that the final style - both language and non-language - should not differ from that of high impact factor US medical journals.
  • Required: excellence in command of the English Language, minumum of 5 yr copy-editing practice in English language medical journal or medical book publishing house.
  • At present we are using editing services of large copy-editing companies (mostly US), however we would like to have a closer collaboration motivated a) by the fact that requirements for language quality is far higher in the books compared to journals; b) need to have someone as a part of the team (although not sitting in our Prague office) able and willing also to notice possible non-language details in the style that could possibly worsen the acceptance of the book in the native-English-speaking readership.
  • Please, indicate the price-range of your service


  • We are looking for translators of Czech medical texts to English. 
  • Required: deep and fluent knowledge of English medical terminology and professional language style. Demonstrable professional experience in translating medical texts.
  • UK/US/ANZ University degree welcomed.
  • Please, indicate the price-range of your service.

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