New Surgical Techniques and Medical Treatment in Urogynecology

Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Defects, and Overactive Bladder in Women

  • Alois Martan et al.
  • 125×90 mm; 261 p.; 62 illus., full color print
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Author information

Alois Martan, M.D., DSc, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, First Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Table of Contents

 CONTENTS IN BRIEF          (see Contents in Detail)
 Foreword,  7
 1 Introduction,  13  2 Anatomy of the Lower Urinary Tract,  15
 3 Physiology and Pathophysiology of Micturition and Continence,  21
 4 Definitions,  29
 5 Examination Methods,  47
 6 Common Causes Of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse,  61
 7 Common Surgical Procedures for Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women,  66
 8 Common Surgical Procedures for the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Defects in Women,  119
 9 Foreign Implant Materials and Selected Operation Techniques,  140
 10 Frequently Asked Questions Related to SUI and Pelvic Organ Prolapse,  195
 11 Pharmacotherapy,  200
 12 Mistakes and Errors in Medical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence,  226
 About the Authors,  242
 Index,  246


With a Foreword by Professor Dr. Med. Annette Kuhn, Frauenklinik Bern, Switzerland

About the book

The aim of our publication is to provide the reader with a summary of the anatomy of the lower urinary tract and pelvic floor, to outline the physiology and pathophysiology of urination and continence, and to define individual terms. We review individual types of incontinence in women and their causes and describe the individual examination methods most frequently used in urogynecology. Subsequently, we summarize the surgical methods used to treat UI, as well as procedures to address pelvic floor defects in women. A separate chapter addresses the use of foreign implantation materials in pelvic floor reconstruction surgery, with an emphasis on selected procedures. For all of the surgical methods, we describe the technique of the procedure, evaluate possible peri- and postoperative complications, and indicate the success rate of the surgery. Next, we provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding SUI and the descent of pelvic organs. In another chapter, we address the pharmacotherapy of urinary stress incontinence, the treatment of OAB, and urgency UI in women. As a final point, we identify the most frequent errors in the pharmaceutical treatment of UI. 

Experts’ reviews and opinions on the book

  • Size and format of this paperback on Urogynecology offer a unique possibility for trainees and residents, but specialists as well, to obtain a practical up-to-date knowledge of this evolving specialty for Gynecologists and Urologists. … This booklet is urgently recommended for clinicians and practitioners dealing with patients with pelvic floor problems. [Prof. Dr. med. Eckhard Petri, Greifswald]
  • … In an easy to understand way the book covers all aspects of practical urogynecology with brilliant tips on how to choose the best treatment options for any given patients.  Detailed descriptions of currently performed surgeries are of exceptional  practical value. The book is an essential contribution to modern Urogynaecology. [Prof. Tomasz Rechberger M.D., PhD, Lublin]
  • The book may serve as a valuable study material for students and gynecologists, as well as for those who are dealing with this particular branch of gynecology. [Prof. Igor But, M.D., Ph.D., Maribor]
  • The author prof. Alois Martan, internationally renowned opinion leader and expert in urogynecology, presents in the book his own experiences, attitudes and surgical tips and tricks of this field which due to ageing population is becoming more and more important. [Prof. Adolf Lukanović, M.D., Ph.D., Ljubljana]
  • Due to its comprehensive  form the book helps the non-expert to quickly gain knowledge about the current strategies in  incontinence and prolapse surgery. … The book is an essential contribution in modern Urogynaecology. [Univ.-Prof. Kölbl Heinz, Vienna]


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